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Grouping of Kinetic Wind Sculptures at the Envision Gallery in Taos, New Mexico

Please view the beautiful collection
of individual
Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures™


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The undulating movements of these sculptures reflect the mood of the wind.Wind Sculptures Generate joy in groupings, large or small, the sculptures dance to the rhythms of nature. Captivating and magical, these fine sculptures will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Wind Sculptures are made of copper and stainless steel, which provide beauty and strength. An applied patina advances the verdigris of aged cooper. The Wind Sculpture rests on a sealed ball bearing at the top of a vertical rod, providing a maintenance-free life.

Individual Wind Sculptures range in size from 5 feet to upwards of 28 feet tall. Sculptures have been on location in outdoor spaces for more than 15 years.

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